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Super glucose Mama One woman’s journey. Does he would you like to marry me?

Super glucose Mama One woman’s journey. Does he would you like to marry me?

My Me List

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Therefore being a #WAHM (home based mother), i really do get the opportunity to view some daytime television while we work and care for the infant. ABC has a brand new show on that I became at first excited to look at as it had certainly one of my personal favorite individuals from television on the website, Tim Gunn from venture Runway. Well Ive been viewing the episodes as well as though they truly are only a little loveandseek Review shaky often because they are learning how to be talk show hosts there is some fantastic information and a few ideas through the show. It really is just an hour or so in addition they have actually to have a whole lot in but one of many items that they want to accomplish during their revolution that I have thought was great from the show is their heroes of the week (the 5 month Revolution people) put together a list of things. This isn’t just a washing listing of, lose 50 lbs, easily fit in a size X dressblah blah blah. The listings that Ive seen to date originate from these women can be well come up with and really appear to add up (as much as being on television will make feeling) due to their life.

That got me personally thinking by what i’d like my me list to check like. Exactly what are 5 roughly items that i’d like to achieve within the next months that are few will require proper care of ME. As moms and spouses significant others we have a tendency to allow ourselves lay on the trunk burner although we accept looking after everyone.